Aircraft Warning Lamps

There are few models of Aircraft Warning Lamps produced by Sanergy. There are two major models with two variations, Solar Powered and/or Grid Powered. Based on the standard requirements these models of lights are available as Flashing or Continues operation options.

Sanergy also manufacture state of the art Street Lighting solutions based on Solar Energy.

Our Street Light solutions utilize the state of the art Solid Sate lighting modules (LED) and also uses advance microcomputer controlled system management  with advance human behavioural science to minimize the energy wastage.

The system is capable of auto detecting the presence of any humans or moving objects and provide enhanced lighting intensities to provide better illumination. Also the system compares and checks with auto learning algorithms to understand the behaviour patterns of the environment and optimize the lighting to suite the environment.

Our "Chameleon" line of products are truly intelligent creatures learning the patterns of our life's style without intrusion and intelligently working to help us without disturbing the nature.

These Lights normally operates in low intensity mode until a movements is detected and once detected the light even can signal nearby other lights to go in to full bright mode, further based on the behavioural patterns learned over a period of time the system can emit different levels of lighting levels to suit such conditions.


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Sanergy AWL features

All Sanergy Aircraft warning lamps are designed using solid state lighting technologies. This lamp is powered by high powered LEDís fed by an advance power management circuitry enabling very high level of energy savings while enjoying the long life of solid state devices.

At basic levels all models of the  lamps are incorporated with charged pump high efficiency switch mode power supply  translating 80-90% efficiency in energy conversion. The high bright LED technology utilized is the latest innovation in solid state lighting devices providing very high luminous intensity at very low power consumption levels. With LED life exceeding 100,000 hours in normal conditions states these lamps are virtually maintenance free for years.

Incorporated with the advance electronics running behind the scene is a microcontroller unit monitoring the health of the circuit, energy management and operating parameters of the lamp. Lamp is designed to automatically go on and off with preset levels of lighting levels which are specifically designed and tested to cater Sri Lankan environmental conditions. Lights are designed with standards in mind to support the standard Aircraft warning lamp requirements such as the luminance power and angles of visibility.

The housing of the light is based on a imported UV protected transparent beacon cover and an imported IP65 compatible housing hermetically sealed for reducing humidity and condensation.

Depending on the model selected the power source will be derived from Grid (240Volts 50hz) or Solar panel and will switch between the two on models that carry both supplies. All switching and power transitions are managed by a microcontroller unit where flashing and duty cycles are customizable for customer requirements.


Sanergy now offer end to end solutions including design, development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

under the recent enhancement to our services now we can offer rigger services as well as installation and commissioning of solar energy solutions.

One of the most difficult task in maintenance of the the lamps are reaching the tower locations and the rigger services. However now Sanergy is fully equipped with resources to deploy turnkey solutions of similar nature






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Sanergy won a major deal through Sanje Lanka ( its holding company)  for design manufacturing and supplying of high intensity aircraft warning lamps for Sri Lanka Telecom towers. Sri Lanka telecom is the largest copper loop supplier in Sri Lanka and is partly owned by the  NTT - Japan.

Under the contract Sanergy supplies 19 towers with its modern high intensity warning lamps.


InnoLite 3000

  Model No: InnoLite 3000
  Place of Origin: Made in Sri Lanka
  Category: Roadway Safety, Tower Warning Lamps
  Description: Warning Lamp, Continuous or Flashing RED

Detailed Product Description

Brand Name: Sanergy
Supply Ability: 500 Pcs per Week
Quality / Safety Certification: designed according to ICAO guidelines
Minimum Order: 25 Pcs  
Packing: 18 inches x 10 inches x 10 inches Courragted Carton Box
Delivery Time: ex stock subject to avaiablity
Price Terms: FOB  COLOMBO
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
The new InnoLite 3000 Series, Aircraft warning Lamps are fully self contained, Tower mount product with user replaceable chargeable batteries. The product is designed based on Solar Technology and State of The Art LED lighting technologies combined and managed using a Microcontroller based Charge Control and Operation Management system

The Light is designed to with stand high wind velocities up to 70 mph and also made as a single unit making no messy solar panel installation with bird dropping protection spike and battery capacity for running for 3 days without sunlight for cloudy days. Also the unit can get fully charged (minimum autonomy ) of 5 hours will offer highest level of guarantee for continued operation.

The light is also designed according to ICAO guidelines and is specified as low intensity warning lamp - Color RED

Sanergy won a major deal from Celltel Lanka to provide 100 Tower lights for its communications towers.

Celltel is one of the largest mobile telecom service providers in Sri Lanka and has a major expansion program under way. Under the new program Celltel is expanding its capacity by 750 towers by end of the year.

Sanergy won a major deal from Sierra Construction Limited to provide 50 Tower lights for its communications towers.

Sierra is one of the largest telecom service outsourcing company providing turnkey solutions to telecom companies.